Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For Shame

Vimalaji on Intensive Self Education (on humility and space)

"When you expose yourself psychologically to the space [space between happenings around us and ourselves, or between happenings and our mind's reactions to those happenings], the grandeur and magnificence of that emptiness full of life melts away all your pride of knowledge, scholarship and erudition. The grandeur of that mystery having no centre, and having no periphery soaks your being and all the proide of "I" and its acquisition melts away without your effort....emptiness of space fills your being with a new humility. You become aware then of the infinity of life which is a mystery which words will never uncover."

"The content of humility is receptivity. Normally we are receptive with a motive...Receptivity is limited by our ambitions, wishes, desires, tendencies, inclinations [our minds]. Humility is total uninhibited receptivity without any ambition and therefore the mystery of totality of life can operate upon us without any resistence whatsoever."

Does humility therefore cancel out the "I". The ego. And therefore, shame? To be humble, to gently manouvre away from ego driven vanity, which feeds shame, to a place where humility allows friendly curiosity and gentle inquiry. To be humble and without ego driven shame therefore allows one to live in a more open way. Is the answer to everything in humility?

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