Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anything at all

What would you do if you had no risk of failure? And no financial restraints?

I would go iceskating, I would build a teepee, I would look at art, I would make out at the drive in, I would learn how to skate, I would go bushwalking (no leeches) and go swimming in a waterhole, I want to stand under a waterfall. I would hit the road. Again. With loved ones. I would make a list of all the magical places I've ever heard about and go to them. Still with loved ones. I would have a cottage. A cottage with a picket fence, briar roses, some jersey cows, ducks and a border collie.  I would buy a theatre. An art deco theatre in San Francisco and I'd turn it into a burlesque theatre with big sets like they used to have on the New York circuit. I would sing in a band that plays at Coachella and wear crazy outfits on stage. It would tour. I want Poppit to be the drummer. I would meet Joan Jett. I would write, publish and make all types of things just for fun and have other people see them and like them. I would be peaceful, I would be one of those magical people that you only meet a handful of times in your life and think "wow, they're special, they made me feel warm and fuzzy and accepted and like I can do anything."

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