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Blown on and blown off

I like your big eyes and the way you drive. After all this time.

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"It went contrary to all her firm ideas of how to live her life with a maximum of pleasure; it went contrary to her years of training in how to achieve and maintain power over men; it went contrary to all the sophistication she had grown went contrary to everything she had learnt about her body and how to satisfy it with a half-dozen lovers. It went against her will, a will she had felt so sure she could use to advance her interests. Worst of all, it went contrary to her deepest instincts of self-protection."

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...and the living is easy....

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Beyond not putting to rest any ideas that were held by lady in park walking dog, her family and wasted 40 year olds on new years eve, that we are gay (happy we are, lesbians we are not), Mophead made me ponder a bit with her last post. Thusly...
And so I put it to two free internet personality tests to give me my answer.
It was like doing a girlfriend magazine quiz all over again in both accuracy and stupidity (and fun-ness). The assumed lack of accuracy of the test (on account of it being via the internet and free), the stupidity of my choice to do the test thinking I would get a legitimate answer to "?!!?!!?!!?????", or that I should need a test to tell me these things. STILL FUN.
Drum roll please.
Turns out I'm an animated artist/spontaneous idealist. WOWEE.
I got bored with reading the detailed copy (they were going to charge me) so I chose to illustrate my interpretation of the results with pictures instead.

I have to say, while I seriously regressed and feel slightly cheapened (can't get any cheaper than free) by the whole experience it was a good excuse (not that I needed one) to put up pictures. YAY PICTURES.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Am I a romantic?

I don't know. Maybe. I'm a romantic daydreamer. Like really bad. Prince charming on a horse kind of daydreams. More often than not it's a motorbike though.
Maybe that makes me an idealist rather than a romantic.

My idea of romance is dancing naked in a big group of friends. It's the old couples who watched their children grow up together. It's playing in a field of flowers and racing to a lake to jump in. It's someone picking the leeches off me if the lake has any. I'd rather have dinner in bed watching crappy re-runs and laughing together than going to a romantic candlelit cheffed hat restaurant on the harbour. That personal violinist romance kind of makes my stomach turn. Unless it's with someone I've been with a while. Then it's ok. Romance is not making your partner lick her own nipples.

I like romance with poppit. 'cos there's picnics and punch and pretty dresses but never the risk of a moment where you have to be worried about some git staring into your eyes like a dog for 20 minutes.

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