Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Am I a romantic?

I don't know. Maybe. I'm a romantic daydreamer. Like really bad. Prince charming on a horse kind of daydreams. More often than not it's a motorbike though.
Maybe that makes me an idealist rather than a romantic.

My idea of romance is dancing naked in a big group of friends. It's the old couples who watched their children grow up together. It's playing in a field of flowers and racing to a lake to jump in. It's someone picking the leeches off me if the lake has any. I'd rather have dinner in bed watching crappy re-runs and laughing together than going to a romantic candlelit cheffed hat restaurant on the harbour. That personal violinist romance kind of makes my stomach turn. Unless it's with someone I've been with a while. Then it's ok. Romance is not making your partner lick her own nipples.

I like romance with poppit. 'cos there's picnics and punch and pretty dresses but never the risk of a moment where you have to be worried about some git staring into your eyes like a dog for 20 minutes.

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