Sunday, June 5, 2016

Response in Gold

An Understanding
Of ones personal tactile embrace 
Came early. 
Remembering my own
While All others blur,
After the moment 
Has bronzed.
Came later 
At the penmanship 
Of own mind 
And natural resolve,

Gentle power 
In curved lines
And pretty face,
Older confidence 
And naked traces 
Of knowing;
A curling of finger toward handsome man
Surprising power 
In a beckoning of love 
won, easily  

A continual pattern 
Unbroken by
Any battle between novices
In which touch was
Or Unrivalled

Gold, Experienced;
With face 
As sunlight filters, strongly 
Through muted skies  
Above Paris,
Heating adolescent body. 
On daylit skin
At night 

Gold experienced 
With mouth 
In European hotel, 
Laid back. 

Gold, experienced 
In shallow transactions 
Enjoyed fully 
In the respite from light 
Within air conditioned 
Shopping malls 
Many times the question asked 
In Printemps 

But a true bar of gold; experienced 
With both hands,
with an impermanent hold 

Always a reflection of intention
Without humility 
Becomes perilous 
And only true Midas 
Can touch 
Without intention
To disturb
(Or to disturb, peacefully)
Stillness begets sureness 
And awareness, choice
The touch, a gift, bestowed secondarily
Occurring with Unending energy 
Of kindness
And without intention. 
Like touch, is Often gifted
And Valued highly
Though gold, 
melts with heat
Touch melts, 
And must be handled 

For, Like gold 
When too often touched
Turns brassy 
When overused
Dulls the shine
Of each touch
Leaving no heat but marks
And marked 

Does not the value
Of gold
Entirely in its rarity. 

For Isn't gentleness 
the answer 
To most things 
That are not hindered 
clumsily by time
Or ambition.