Friday, January 30, 2009

The studio

A sanctuary in London town

"Don't worry about being there by yourself, it wont happen"

My magical niece

Conversation of the time:
MHJunior: There was a jumping castle with teeth
MH: But it didn't hurt right?
MHJunior: No cos it's just rubber
MH: You have a blue poptop
MHJunior: Yeah
MH: What's it taste like?
MHJunior: Mmmmm
MH: Blue?
MHJunior: Yep.
MH: Can I try some?....tastes like demazin
MHJunior: Do you really think it tastes like demazin?
MH: You don't?
MHJunior: Nope. Tastes like raspberry

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aliens exist

I wrote something here.
but I decided against it.
instead you get this... and a chance to think about what could have been worse.