Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Click Click

"We make ourselves billboards, aimed at the economic satisfaction of needs."

"In digital photography, all negativity is erased. It requires neither a darkroom nor development. No negative precedes it. It is a pure positive. Becoming, aging, dying - all this is eliminated: Not only does it commonly have the fate of paper (perishable), but even if it is attached to more lasting supports, it is still mortal; like a living organism, it is born on the level of the sprouting silver grains, it flourishes a moment, then ages. Attacked by light, by humidity, it fades, weakens, vanishes. Roland Barthes connected photography with a way of life, for which negativity is constitutive of time....Digital photogaphy is accompanied by a completely different way of life that continuously rids itself of negativity. It is a transparent photography without birth or death, fate or incident."

-Byung-Chul Han, Transparent Society via I Love You Magazine.

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