Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A blog on burlesque inspired by boobs.

I was reading the editor's letter of the most recent issue of Love magazine, a glossy UK publication put together by Katie Grand (isn't that a wonderful name?). It was about, well, tits. But also, so much more. And I noted a marvellous relatability to burlesque. I guess because both are a little mad about tits. So. I have taken and edited from the editor's letter of Love magazine and formed a collage of the words into the context of burlesque. Or, what I think of burlesque....;

"...we had all been thinking about tits. A lot. I wasn't the only one with boobs on the brain. A more voluptuous woman. A new feminine sillhouette, a full blooming figure. They are their own ready-made masterpieces rather than blank canvases, so to speak. The thing that unites all of these women is that they each carry a unique sense of themselves. All of them are pin-ups, but not because of their looks alone; they know who they are, and they're not afraid to use their beauty (and their boobs) to express it. "More tits! More cleavage! More bust!". It's all about big (sic) boobs as a celebration of femininity. It's about feminine power as a whole, about women knowing what they've got and loving it, not being afraid to flaunt it...the power a woman can, and should, elicit using the things that only a woman can use. Tits here are a triumphant celebration of the differences that make women powerful."

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