Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Our friend Anoushka is really cool. And has orange hair.
She makes amazing garments and never wastes a scrap.
Sometimes, we live parallel inspirations, and so she makes me things.
We even work together on artistic projects.
We are collaborators. And sometimes I boss her around. But when she's finished uni and/or really famous I'm going to let her boss me around HEAPS and do everything she says.
So this is a blog to show her how much she inspires me, and how much I love her and am thankful for her artistic value and personality. She is the bright spark.

These are things she inspired me with this week:

And these are some presents for her:

Read me:

Look at me:

Watch me (the ending is breathtaking):

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Anoushka said...

no no no, it is YOU who inspires ME! Way ahead of you on the Water for Elephants one (it made me want to change my whole collection to vintage circus themed) and HOLY MOLY I want to change my collection again after seeing that catwalk. Much love xoxo