Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The School of Life

I read this here and was very taken with the swinging idea. I mean, really, for swinging to be noticed and encouraged? I like it a lot.

The benefits of holistic exercise on both body and mind are manifold. But have you no truck with Yoga? Does Pilates appal you? Do you seek an alternative for which you don’t have to remove your heels? Then try Swinging! This gentle exercise claims not only to relax ‘both mind and body simultaneously’ but also – no doubt to the delight of Mary the letter-writer – to relieve eyestrain. There’s not the space to give details here, except to note that you should take your glasses off and close your eyes for periods. Also:

Swinging [fig. 4] should be done before a window and it will be noticed that as you sway, the window seems to move the opposite way to yourself. This opposite movement of objects directly in the foreground should be noticed and encouraged.

(Better Sight Without Glasses by Harry Benjamin, MD, London)

...ah but it continues...

If you’ve enjoyed entertaining the neighbours by swaying back and forth in your window, it’s a cheerfully small step to invite them round to play games. In our era of ubiquitous glowing screens and the relentless drive for productivity, it’s often hard to recall the vital importance of making our own fun, finding time to laugh and play together, and revelling in the truly daft just for the sake of it.

Revel in daftness? Always! And what a perfect idea for a public holiday.

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