Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living a stranger's life

Would I feel more myself with a veggie patch and a home in the country?

Good books, close by friends, love and growing vegetables to look at. A nearby winery with a jazz band on Sundays.

A friend of mine last night told me to be the experience you wish you had had. The magic. The warehouse party that didn't exist. The travelling burlesque star with run down suitcases and jewels falling out like entrails.
For me right now, it would be being the maturity I hate others for not having and the playfulness that they are too "clever" to ever have. I would be the acceptance and leeway that no-one else seems to give. The love that doesn't falter. The unquestioning belief in myself that only my mother has ever given me. I would be the perfection in the acid trip that comes to beautiful conclusions about life, the classic that lives up to its name, the beauty that is brigitte bardot's blonde hair, the daisy chain that reminds me of all things that matter and the duck that when I see, makes me feel whole.

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