Monday, June 13, 2011


San Diego

San Diego is sitting on a pier with an old acquaintance and making new friends. It’s trying to steal a dinghy and getting wet feet and opera singing on the boardwalk. It’s peeing in public across from a military base and being with best friends. It’s learning how to be sisters and laugh with nonsense to the point of losing our minds with happiness. It’s $2 tacos in old taverns and cute boys in bad bands. It’s bicycling through suburban peninsulas and singing songs from Now and Then with daisies in our hair and photo opportunities at famous beach resorts in playsuits. It’s picnics with blackberries. It doesn’t get much more idyllic than San Diego.

California Dreaming

Santa Monica pier – pressed pennies, cheap T shirts, mood rings and marilyn munroe lookalikes that turn out to be our friend. Wide open beaches, volleyball players and dogs peeping out from blankets on buses and windows on the embarcadero. Running out of clean knickers is ok in Santa Monica. Adam Sandler seems to be a pattern and we saw Owen Wilson.

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