Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Forward

"The child's world is a world of symbols, shapes and sizes until that dismal day when it is taught to put a label on each and every thing it has felt, touched and smelt, and forced to shrink it by a name.
The child's world is the poet's world where dimensions differ only according to feeling, not fact, that place of the fourth dimension that eludes all but painters, poets, lunatics and the players of musical instruments. And it even eludes those at times. That is why they remain children, eternally commited to chasing after it, clinging to the tatters of those clouds of glory with which we are all born and which only rationalisation can rip off.
Definitions are dull and delineations even duller. Blake's Tiger would never have burnt bright in the forests of an
adult's night, but simply have gone out like a light while the adult died of fright.
But beautiful things are not fearful in the innocent world because there one has curiosity instead of terror and a suppleness of mind that adjusts itself to the wonder of the unexpected as easily as the pupil of the eye to the fluctuations of light and dark.
Here then is a little book that is the right way up. A glimpse of a world wherein there is so much time and limitless space that no one has to confine or categorise out of meanness of heart, for fear that there won't be enough beauty or enough truth to go around unless you frighten others away."
Yehundi Menuhin

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