Monday, November 23, 2009

Desolation Row

"After trying to pull my nonexistent rank on an army of sexless girls in hereditary basic black, and failing, made the trip upstream again got a pitpass (this had me wondering if I had to go home to get my whites too)."

Artist PATRICIA OBERHAUS describing the "Bobby Dylan Scene" in Aspen magazine sounds just like my Saturday night.

And justfication for going to bed early at the party:
"An artist is a leader, however small his following, and the very substance of art is revolution and a questioning and sometimes overturning of the values of the society which nurtures it. So-called "antisocial" behavior is often the most constructive of all social behavior because it is an affirmation of the individual's right to exist individually in a collective structure."

...again from Aspen magazine. This time written by John Wilcock in "Wilcock on Underground Establishment"

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