Thursday, September 6, 2012

True Love

I want to love in a pure way. In a way paralell with my own beliefs rather than in comparison to other people's relationships. Love in the way I was loving before I was in love and got caught up in it's politics of "should". And pretending things bother me when they don't actually deep down but because they'd bother most people, I let myself be like most people and be bothered.

I want to love the way the sun loves the earth whereby it asks nothing of it in return and sustains life and energy. Where it becomes irrelevant as to whether they love you back.

Who are we to ask anything else of another being? One can always redirect energies if the love stops being satisfying. In a way where I can still love someone even if the need to be next to them everyday dissipates.

With an acceptance of transience and without a need to hold or cling but accept change and/or development with an acceptance of the cyclic nature of everything.

With that awareness, love becomes eternal.

And when that awareness is sustained by two people and the understanding that real love is ego-lessly supporting one another being the happiest they can individually be, I suspect the love becomes romantic and a pleasure to be around...for as long as that awareness and understanding is sustained.

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