Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Pre Race Meals

1. Brad Ludden, Champion Kayaker and Philanthropist
Bagel topped with one layer of almond butter and a layer of Nutella
Banana, honey and dash of sea salt
Side of hash browns and eggs
Large Gatorade
Large water

2. Laura Skladzinski, 50 State Marathon Record Breaker
1 pint Tripel Karmeliet beer
French bread and herbed butter
Mussels Provencal, steamed with tomato, garlic and fresh basil

3. Keir Dillon, World Class Snowboarder and Halfpipe Wizard
1 cup whole grain cereal (should have less than 5 grams of sugar)
1 cup skimmed milk
1 banana
Gatorade G2 with a splash of Amp Energy (just to kick-start those proteins into gear)
Two slices of whole wheat bread lightly spread with peanut butter

4. Amani Toomer, Retired Footballer and Super Bowl Winner
Pizza. All day long. To load up on carbohydrates.

5. Mara Yamauchi, Pro Marathon Runner
Chikara udon (udon with chicken, vegetables and an egg, served in a soy-based fish soup)
6–7 mochi rice cakes in miso soup
1 glass orange juice

Compare to this.

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