Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel so home here. Everything is easier.

why do we spend our days conversing about what we're all up to? What we're doing, how we are spending our days, what we are doing for work, asking so many questions about what we have been doing that in the end, will not make us relate to each other any better. i do not want to talk. i want to stop talking, stop responding to emails, stop making phone calls and stop answering questions about my day to day existence. i just want to enjoy this moment with you for what it is. whether we drink, dance or listen to music. see a beautiful place and take photos, frolic on the beach. i want to experience with you, not talk about yesterday or next week or how busy i may be. i do not want to be interrogated and spend my day trying to make you understand. i want to relate on a level that will be easy. take the photo. take me dancing. take me to the pub. make me laugh. stop asking me questions about historical influence that has made me who i am, and enjoy me as i am now.

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