Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The man sits in one carriage

"Success and failure simply mean the satisfaction and frustration ay desire. Desire can either be predominantly intrinsic, based oan oor individual drives, or extrinsic, primarily stimulated by advertising, or societal role models as presented through the media and popular culture... ma concept ay success and failure only operates on an individual rather than an individual and societal level. Due tae this failure tae recognise societal reward, success (and failure) can only ever be fleeting experiences for me, as that experience cannae be sustained by the socially-supported condoning of wealth, power, status, etc., nor, in the case ay failure by stigma or reproach... acclaim means nowt tae us... their value cannae be sustained because there's nae recognition ay the society which values them. What Tom's trying tae say, ah suppose, is that a dinnae gie a fuck."

Irvine Welsh

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