Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have run across a 6 lane highway two nights in a row now in the pouring rain (I think i have mentioned doing this before). Once with a only a soaking newspaper for protection and the other without anything at all. I got home feeling utterly foul and resembling something out of the black lake. A monster.
I have also danced for hours in the rain, free of burden and with complete abandon. Here I felt happy. Here I channeled 90's grunge (which could be seen as monstrous but for the purposes of this I choose to not).

This makes me wonder...
How can something make you feel both liberated in one instance and yet void of any of those feelings in another?
How is it that I stared at the rain skipping off the train platform because I thought it looked like molten metal but despised it only minutes before?

Trying to get home, I was concerned with everything that doesn't matter in the scheme of things. My wet hair, the slippery pavement.
Dancing on the hill, nothing mattered in the scheme of things. Not my wet hair nor falling down.
The immediate and the mundane.
The forever and the poetic.


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