Tuesday, September 15, 2009

J'adore Par Avion

I love the post. Really.
Why should everything be instant now days? You value things so much more when you have to wait for them - like dessert (which is meant to come after dinner but is a rule I follow loosely). There is an anticipation and excitement that comes with waiting for the mail to arrive, as if you were a child again when the letterbox didn't bring you such serious looking white envelopes with your address glaring at you through its plasticy window.
You tend to treasure things that someone has written (not typed) and you can put under your pillow or read while eating bacon and eggs in the morning sun. You don't have the same care for facebook posts, or text messages, nor would you print them out and stash them away somewhere. Its not the same thing. There is an emotion to letter writing, and in the nature of the strokes that cant be imitated. As individual and unique as the person who wrote them.
Besides the hordes of junk mail (which i still read anyway, I love catalogues), the cost factor (send magazines and you'll know what I mean) and certain parcels that have gone missing (probably for the best, though avoid post office trainees), the post really has the most. and tangible is king.

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